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Static Electricity Is Such An Annoying Problem In The Winter — Here’s How To Fix It

Nobody likes obnoxious static cling, so here are a few tips you can follow to rid your clothes of it once and for all.

Though I like winter, I’m definitely not a fan of my hair refusing to stay down or my clothes sticking together because of static electricity.

There’s just something about that electrical pull causing my pants to plaster themselves onto my legs that makes me want to cringe really hard. Maybe it’s the uncomfortable, clingy feeling, or getting shocked when I try pulling them away from my skin — either way, it’s a serious pain that I hate having to deal with.

If you despise static cling as much as I do, there’s no need to feel frustrated anymore! Here are 13 ways you’ll finally be able to get rid of it.

1. Dry air contributes to static buildup, so getting a humidifier for your home can help prevent it.

2. Wear more cotton clothes, as this material doesn’t generate as much electricity as others.

3. Rubber-soled shoes can generate a lot of static electricity, so try switching to leather-soled kicks for the winter.