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Do You Know What Your Function Keys Actually Do? They Can Save A Ton Of Time

From saving documents to going mouse-free, these function key hacks are life-savers.

I consider myself to be pretty computer savvy, but I have to admit that I don’t pay much attention to the function keys.

F1-F12 sit at the top of almost every keyboard, but so many of us don’t know what they do or how they can help us. The truth is, these functions can save us a ton of time while we’re going about our everyday activities online. Here’s what they can do.

F1 brings you to the help screen for almost any program.

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Use F2 to quickly rename any file or folder you’ve selected.

If you want to find something within a program, F3 can bring you straight to the search bar.

To close the window you’re currently looking at, press Alt + F4.

Refresh or reload quickly by hitting the F5 key.

Refresh or reload quickly by hitting the F5 key.

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Using almost any browser, F6 will move your cursor to the address bar immediately.

English not your best subject? F7 can automatically perform a spelling and grammar check in Microsoft Word or other word processing programs.

If you’re using Windows and experiencing issues, F8 can take you to the boot menu as your computer starts up.

F9 refreshes documents in Microsoft Word, but it also can send and receive email in Microsoft Outlook. This one’s essential for clearing your inbox.

Menu bars help you navigate, and you can open one using F10. Shift + F10 can also be used to right click if you don’t have a mouse.

Perfect for getting your Netflix on, use F11 to toggle in or out of fullscreen mode in your browser.

Anyone who’s written an important document knows how important it is to save often. F12 has you covered, taking you straight to “Save As.”

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I didn’t know so many of these useful tricks. Start using these functions to save time, and make sure to SHARE with the people in your life who use computers for work and play. Technology is amazing!