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When You Put These Things On Your Stove, You Can Make Your Home Smell Heavenly!

These 15 potpourri recipes will make your entire home smell absolutely wonderful.

We all live busy lives, so sometimes we don’t realize when something about our home, such as the way it smells, is a bit…off.

But trust me — other people notice. Whether it’s the charred remains of last night’s dinner or the dirty laundry in your hampers, a bad smell can make your home pretty uninviting. Lighting a candle or spraying an air freshener is a temporary fix, but often, bad smells come right back.

Luckily, there’s a DIY solution that will leave your home smelling amazing for days — potpourri! The internet is full of DIY potpourri recipes that combine your favorite scents into simmering pots of heaven that smell almost good enough to eat. No matter the season, these stove-top potpourris are sure to make your days scent-sational.

1. When you don’t have time to clean, this orange and ginger potpourri will make the entire house smell as though you did.

2. Grapefruit might not be what you’d think of when making potpourri, but this simple recipe is proof that just about any fruit can leave your home smelling wonderful.

3. Leave your entire home smelling like fresh laundry with a simmering mixture of lavender and orange.

4. Make these potpourris that include a stick or two of peppermint for a holiday scent that will fill your home with comfort and joy.

5. The aroma of fresh citrus and rosemary will keep your houseguests coming back for more.

6. Make a potpourri with fresh strawberries to put the scent of summer in the air.

7. This three-ingredient recipe will leave your home smelling like the Williams Sonoma signature scent.

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8. Your home isn’t holiday ready without a Christmas potpourri on the stove.

9. If you can’t afford a tropical vacation, this tropical simmer recipe will make you feel like you’re in paradise.

10. Even if you have an artificial tree, your home can still smell like the holidays with a pine needle potpourri.

11. Make this apple potpourri if you’re already missing fall.

12. What are the holidays without the aroma of fresh cranberries?

13. This rustic potpourri will keep your home smelling wintry fresh.

14. This citrus and cranberry mix is perfect for any season.

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15. With its fresh scent of mint and lime, this potpourri will leave you craving a mojito.

So many scents, so little time. Share these recipes with your friends and tell them which potpourri you’ll be trying out first.