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Watching This Pup Unwrap His Favorite Human Will Bring You So Much Joy

This dog owner returned home and gave his dog the greatest Christmas surprise: himself.

Moving out of our parents’ homes, we’re not just leaving behind a lifetime of childhood memories, but also our family pets.

When trips back home aren’t as frequent as we would like, this can often leave our pets (and parents) with a void in their hearts. This absence makes us that much more thankful for the holidays. People across the country will be traveling home over the next few days to spend time with their families and four-legged friends.

While this man’s parents knew of his homecoming, the his childhood dog, Trouble, was not in on the plan. On Christmas morning, Trouble was surprised that Santa had dropped off such a large present for a tiny pup.

When the pooch unwraps his favorite human in the world, his face lights up with pure joy.

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I wish someone would get this excited when I went home! Pass along this video to someone in your life who knows how hard it is to be away from our pets.