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This Mom Gave Her Daughter The Best Gift For Christmas…Her Twin Sister!

When Jennifer Doering began to dig into her 10-year-old adopted daughter’s past, she never expected to find her twin sister.

In early December, Jennifer Doering had an unusual idea for a Christmas present. Along with the standard toys, books, and puzzles, she hoped to find a rare baby picture of her 10-year-old adopted daughter, Audrey. She did, but much to her surprise, there were two identical babies in the photo.

When a child ends up at a Chinese orphanage, they are required to run a “finding ad” with the little one’s photo in provincial newspapers. Because Audrey was adopted, she has very few photos of her early childhood. A baby photo would have been a great surprise, but what Doering found was one gift that just couldn’t wait until Christmas morning.

Doering began her search for Audrey’s finding ad by enlisting the help of an adoption agency. At best, she hoped to find a photo of her daughter as a baby.

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To her shock, the photo that came back was of identical twin sisters. Audrey’s given name was “Guī,” and her sister’s name was “Méi.” Together, “méi guī” translates to “rose” in English. But how could the Wisconsin-based family locate Audrey’s long-lost twin?

On a hunch, Doering sent the picture to Andrea Duke Olson, the director of an organization that helps Chinese children born with congenital heart defects. Since Audrey was born with the rare condition, it was possible that her sister was, too. It was a long shot, but it worked. Audrey’s twin sister, Gracie Rainsberry, had also been adopted and was living in Washington.

Immediately, the girls connected on FaceTime for a tearful reunion. Along with their matching smiles and glasses, Audrey and Gracie had a lot in common, including a love for sports, math, animals, and fettuccine alfredo.

On Facebook, Doering writes, “I have NO anger toward the Chinese establishment because without their generosity we would have never been able to have THE most amazing daughter! I will never ask why this happened because I believe that everything good and bad happens for a reason.”

The families are planning to unite in person as soon as possible. To learn more and see just how similar the sisters are while chatting on FaceTime, check out the video below.

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