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Rescuers Responded To Reports That A Wolf Needed Help…But She Wasn’t A Wolf At All

Months after being rescued from the streets of LA, Julia learn that she wasn’t a wolf at all.

Back in January, the team at Hope For Paws rushed to a busy Los Angeles neighborhood after a witness called to report a wolf walking the streets.

After roaming the neighborhood, the animal rescue team was able to find the canine and upon closer examination, they discovered that she was suffering from severe swelling caused by a number of infections. Not only was she covered in open wounds, but she was also incredibly malnourished, nothing more than skin and bones.

The wolfish pup named Julia was initially reluctant to interact, but in time, she began to warm up to her rescuers. Eventually the rescue team was able to slip her into a leash.

When Hope For Paws first found Julia, she was covered in scabs and open lacerations all over her body.

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As Julia became more comfortable with her rescuers, she opened herself up to their love and care.

Once in the care of an expert veterinary team, Julia was treated with medical baths.

As her treatments continued, she began to rebuild her strength and eat a healthy diet.

Watch her entire rescue story unfold in the video below!


Nearly 11 months following her rescue, despite a few minor setbacks along the way, Julia is almost unrecognizable!

After her recovery, she was placed with a foster family until she could be formally adopted.

With most of the battle behind her, one question remained. Was Julia part wolf?

After months of speculation the DNA results for Julia’s genetic makeup are in!

As it turns out, there’s nothing wolfish about this pretty girl. She’s half German shepherd, half Siberian husky, and all adorable.

With her identity crisis over, Julia is free to spend time with her family and just enjoy being a dog.

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Julia’s remarkable recovery wouldn’t have been possible without the kindhearted rescuers at Hope For Paws. To keep with all their hard work and dedication to the animal community, check out their Facebook page or consider giving a donation to help fund more life-saving animal rescues in 2017.

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