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If You Already Hate The Dentist, Imagine Getting Your Teeth Pulled By A Con Man

Robert Rheinlander was once a dental technician in South Carolina whose license lapsed after being disciplined. He charged low rates for his in-home procedures.

Going to the dentist can be nerve-wracking even if you know they’re professionally trained.

Between the pointy tools and needles, orthodontic treatments can be downright painful. That was certainly the case for the victims of Robert Rheinlander, who recently claimed to be a certified dentist while operating out of his home. He was a dental technician in 2004, but he was disciplined by the South Carolina Board of Dentistry and his license lapsed in 2006.

Rheinlander performed procedures in his living room like creating dentures and pulling teeth, which he sometimes did without any anesthesia.

One woman had 11 teeth removed, and one tooth was partially left in her jaw. Yikes. Check out the full story in the video below.


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