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This Adorable Pup Is Beautiful Now, But You Need To See Where She Started

When rescuers from South Africa’s Community Led Animal Welfare found Belle, they were shocked to see just how many ticks had latched onto her eyes and ears.

We’ve seen dogs in all sorts of desperate situations, but nothing quite like this pup named Belle who was found wandering the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa.

In September, rescuers from Community Led Animal Welfare, otherwise known as CLAW, found a lab and hound mix covered in so many blood-sucking ticks, she was practically unrecognizable. They named her Belle and immediately set out to save her life. The ticks had drained so much of Belle’s blood that she was weak and hardly able to stand. In addition, she’d developed anemia and biliary fever, the latter of which is similar to malaria in humans.

A word of warning, the images below are graphic and may be difficult for some viewers.

A word of warning, the images below are graphic and may be difficult for some viewers.

When rescuers found Belle, they thought she had a strange rash. Shockingly, hundreds of blood-sucking ticks had latched onto her sensitive ears and eyes.

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They began pulling the ticks off immediately, but they soon found that the bleeding was too much. With Belle in an already weakened state, they were forced to treat her with an oral pill and wait for the ticks to fall off.

They also began treatment for Belle’s anemia and biliary fever. The poor dog had lost so much blood, she could hardly move.

Within 24 hours, most of the ticks had fallen off, but Belle’s spirits were still low.

By the next day, however, she was finally able to enjoy a nice, soft dinner of chicken and rice! Slowly but surely, things were looking up for the dog that once thought all hope was lost.

Before long, Belle felt well enough to play outside again. She still had some scarring, but all the ticks were finally gone.

Believe it or not, this is Belle today! Under all those ticks was a very beautiful and sweet dog.

Best of all, she found a forever home with a girl named Hannah! CLAW said, “Belle quite literally stole Hannah’s heart within seconds of them meeting, and it has been a match made in heaven.”

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If you’d like to donate to CLAW or learn more about their work, click here. And don’t forget to share the story of Belle and her amazing recovery with your friends and family!