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He Was Deployed For The Holidays, So They Got Creative With Their Christmas Card

Sgt. Brandon Sistrunk and his wife Ashley combined two photos to include the whole family on the card holding a sign that says "Merry Christmas."

It can be incredibly difficult to be away from family during the holidays.

No one knows this as much as military families. Not only do our service members put their lives on the line for our freedom, but they also may be deployed during special occasions, birthdays, and even holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Sergeant Brandon Sistrunk is currently stationed in Iraq. His wife Ashley and their four kids do everything they can to keep him close during the holidays.

At Thanksgiving, they made sure to save him a seat at the table and include him in their prayers. For their Christmas card, they wanted to do something special to show just how close they are.

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Sgt. Sistrunk held up a sign that said “Merry” and took a ton of pictures.

When combined with a photo of the rest of the family, including Ashley holding “Christmas,” it’s seriously adorable.

The Sistrunks asked a family friend to Photoshop the images to achieve the right effect.

Ashley hopes these images will remind other military families that they’re not alone and that they’re all in this together.

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Sgt. Sistrunk is scheduled to return to his family next month, and I bet that reunion will feel just like Christmas morning. Share this incredible Christmas card to support our troops deployed this holiday season.