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One Picture Of A Blind Baby No One Else Wanted Changed This Faily Forever

The Austin family adopted blind and hard-of-hearing Primrose and brought her back to Braselton, Georgia.

Adoption is an amazing gift for both parents and children.

It helps expand loving families and can save a child from a life lacking compassion or care. One baby in China named Primrose was struggling to find a forever home because she is blind. Born with congenital glaucoma, her eyes are silver in color.

Chris and Eryn Austin, a couple from Georgia, never expected they would be traveling around the world to find the latest addition to their family, but the second they saw Primrose they knew she belonged with them.

The Austins saw a picture of the baby girl and knew instantly they would cut through any red tape to get her home with them.

Because Primrose is both blind and hard of hearing, it was a difficult experience to leave with this family she knew nothing about and couldn’t understand.

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Eryn says people ask her all the time how difficult it was to decide to go to China to adopt Primrose.

She has an answer ready:

“You go when people think you’re crazy.
You go when you don’t even know the full diagnosis.
You go for your kids at home.
You go for your future grandkids.
You go for the Gospel.
You go to love.
You go to fight like hell.
You go to bring life.
You go to CHANGE A LIFE…”

When she first came home, Primrose couldn’t hold her head up, didn’t know how to take a bottle, and had no idea how to handle affection.

Now, she loves being cuddled and cared for.

She even has an older brother and sister to help her out. This family finally feels complete.

These parents have huge hearts and made a real difference. Adoption shows that love knows no bounds. SHARE their moving story with the people you love.