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This Girl’s Dad Texted Her About Her Mom…By The End, She Was In Tears

When this girl had to write an essay about her parents, her dad sent her amazing texts about his marriage to her mom.

Little girls often consider tales of princes and princesses to be the ultimate love stories.

However, many don’t realize that they don’t have to look much further than their own parents to hear about a real happily ever after. Of course, a story that’s true might not be as perfect as what we see in films and fairy tales, but staying in love despite hardship is arguably more romantic.

Meet Sydney. She was recently given an assignment to write an essay about her parents.

She needed to know how they met, so she texted her dad to ask him. Little did she know that his response would bring her to tears.

He first told her about how their joke engagement led to him falling hard for her mom.

Later on in their marriage, they began to drift apart.

Then he told Sydney that she was the reason they became close again.

And that he couldn’t be happier with the way things have turned out.

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Talk about true love!

(via Elite Daily)

How unbelievably sweet was that? It’s definitely time for me to stock back up on tissues. Share this if it made you tear up!