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This Strong Pup Survived For Two Days In The Rubble Of A Collapsed Building

Two days after an apartment building in South Dakota collapsed, a young pup named Molly was safely pulled from the rubble.

As we learned this past weekend in Oakland, California, just because a building appears to be structurally sound doesn’t mean that things can’t change in the blink of an eye.

Some of this country’s oldest buildings have stayed open for years thanks to full restorations and renovations that bring them back to their former glory. Not all restoration projects are successful, however, and even the smallest bit of damage can put people’s lives at risk.

Midway through major renovations, this 100-year-old apartment building in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, collapsed on the afternoon of Friday, December 2.

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As apartment tenants struggled to make their way out, first responders and emergency crews searched through the rubble to help free those who were unable to escape.

First responders were able to pull survivors from the rubble, including a husky pup that walked away confused, but relatively unharmed. Emily Fodness, a former tenant of the building, feared the worst for her own lost beagle pup, Molly.

Search and rescue efforts continued into the late hours of the night and throughout the weekend.

Regan Smith, an emergency manager, had been digging through the rubble Sunday morning, a full two days after the collapse, when he heard barking. It was nothing short of a miracle that Smith had found the brave beagle who never stopped fighting for her life.

Molly had been hiding underneath a mattress and was able to walk away from the two-day ordeal completely unscathed. She was given a clean bill of health following a vet visit.

Fodness and her parents could be seen crying tears of joy as they reunited with their missing family member and gave Molly the unconditional love she needed.

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It never ceases to give me all the feels when an animal is safely returned to his or her loving family. If your friends are animal lovers, be sure to share this incredible story with them! It’s sure to make their day.