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20 Clever Dogs Who Manage To Get Around Their Humans’ Stupid Rules

Whether banned from the couch or the kitchen, these 20 dogs have found the most hilarious ways around silly human rules.

I imagine that the best things about being a dog are playing and sleeping all day. The worst thing is probably following stupid human rules.

Some pups are forbidden to sit on the couch. Others are banned from stepping paw into the kitchen. The 20 dogs below, though, manage to get around the rules without technically breaking them. Only dogs could be so cute while testing our patience.

1. Ever since they got a brown couch, this little pup seems to think she blends right in. We can see you!

2. Technically, he’s not on the couch.

3. And neither is this dog.

4. “I promise I’ll go tinkle, I just want to smell the carpet first.”

5. Seriously, that cannot be comfortable.

6. “I can see my human, but they can’t see me!”

7. This dog buries himself in pillows and blankets to sneak a nap on the couch.

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8. “I can’t see my paw, so it must be invisible.”

9. “You wouldn’t be so cruel as to make me move my paws, would you?”

10. “Just look at how casual I can be!”

11. He’s not allowed to sleep on the couch, but he is allowed to sleep on the blanket. Hmm…

12. “I know I’m not supposed to be on the couch, but the couch came to me!”

13. “No, I’m not in your room. Why do you ask?”

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14. His owner said to not get on the couch cushions. He obeyed.

15. Pretending to have a work deadline isn’t going to win you a spot on the couch, Fido.

16. This dog isn’t even trying to get on the couch, he just wants to stare at you. Forever.

17. Stop being so darn cute! You know you’re not allowed in my room.

18. This pup’s really testing the limits.

19. Dogs are so dramatic. They act like they carry the weight of the world with their chins.

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20. We can train, crate, and gate dogs, but we will never completely contain them. They are descended from wolves, after all.

A pup’s wild side is bound to come out once in a while! Luckily, we don’t mind being patient with our very best friends.