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When Her Sister Is Scolded, This Little One Steps In And Adorably Shuts It Down

Melissa Nunez filmed her daughter’s protective instincts toward her older child; the toddler steps in when she sees her older sister being scolded.

Sibling bonds are unbreakable.

When someone goes after our siblings, older or younger, we step in and fight off anyone who gives them a hard time. All bets are off, however, when parents get involved. When it comes to parents, we usually have to let them say what they’re going to say.

After all, they’re the ones who are really in charge. But one precocious little girl was just filmed sticking up for her sister while their mom gave her a stern talking to.

Watch as she yells at mom to put an end to the madness. What a loyal sister!

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It looks like Mom and big sis were in on this argument, but it shows just how fierce this adorable toddler can be. I aim for that level of sass all the time.