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Stunning Patterned Floor Is Made From An Unconventional Material…$150 In Pennies

Imgur user TonyaTooners took $150 in pennies and created a unique patterned floor in her house.

Have you ever wondered what to do with all of your pennies?

Most of us don’t really use them, and there’s enough of a debate about whether or not they should even be part of U.S. currency that there’s a whole Wikipedia page about it. Regardless of their usefulness as actual money, people are constantly finding new ways to craft with the shiny coins.

Take what Imgur user TonyaTooners did with a ton of coins in her house.

started by measuring the center of her space. She experimented with patterns before landing on a good one.

Penny by penny, she glued each one down.

Slowly but surely, the project expanded. When the pattern got close to a wall it was time to start thinking about a border.

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First, she tried a ton of different borders that didn’t quite work.

She finally settled on one…then the darker pennies ran out! Because sulphur reacts with copper to darken the metal, TonyaTooners placed an order for liver of sulphur so she could continue.

Almost done! Look at all that glue.

Charcoal grout was added, but the floor wasn’t quite done yet.

Next came epoxy, which cost more than the $150 worth of pennies that made up the floor. Notice the incredible detail — every other row is heads or tails.

The finished product is simply amazing. Unless you looked closely, you’d never even know it’s made of coins.

I’m suddenly overcome by the urge to cover everything I own in pennies. What other surfaces do you think would work for this kind of DIY?