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This Hiker Was Bitten By A Venomous Snake AFTER Decapitating It

After firefighter Kyle Watson decapitated a timber rattlesnake, he was bitten by the head.

When firefighter Kyle Watson headed into the Tennessee woods with his wife and two kids on Sunday, November 6, he expected to have a fun day hiking. Instead, things turned deadly when the family stumbled upon a timber rattlesnake.

In an effort to keep his family and other hikers on the trail safe, Watson used a kayak paddle to cut the snake’s head off. The family then decided to study the snake a little more closely. When Watson reached down to pick up the snake’s decapitated head, it turned and bit him. Immediately, poisonous venom started coursing through his veins.

Watson told WSMV, “It took about 10 seconds for the burning sensation to start shooting through my arm. Within 60 seconds, I was unconscious. I fell on the trail and hit the back of my head on a rock. I was knocked out. In a remote area, bleeding from the head and bitten by a snake.”

Listen as Watson describes how he was bitten by a decapitated snake head. It’s truly a bizarre tale, and it’s a miracle that he survived to tell it.


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This story is all the more reason for me to stay far away from snakes. You can never trust them — not even after they’ve lost their head!