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If You Need Your Faith In Humanity Restored, This Driver’s Selfless Act Will Help

Driver stops to help a man in a wheelchair struggling to get up a hill in a thunderstorm.

When the world feels like it’s falling apart, it’s hard to remember that there are good people out there who just want to help others.

In Nova Scotia, Canada, one unidentified man proved just that.

Penelope Derksen saw a driver stop in the middle of a thunderstorm to push an electric wheelchair up a hill, and she decided to film the Good Samaritan in action. It took him over five minutes to push the wheelchair around 200 feet.

He didn’t care about the extreme weather outside. He was totally willing to get soaked in order to assist the elderly gentleman.

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Just by helping out for a few minutes, he made a difference in that man’s life. That kind of compassion is inspirational!