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The Most Hilarious Letters Ever Written By Kids To The Tooth Fairy…And Vice Versa!

These kids have written some hilarious letters to the Tooth Fairy….and gotten even funnier ones back!

Did you ever write a letter to the Tooth Fairy? These kids most certainly did, but what she sent back was even better.

Little is known about the history of the Tooth Fairy, but parents often serve as stand-ins for the little lady. A child’s relationship with the Tooth Fairy is very much transactional, and like any business deal, there’s bound to be some bartering involved.

Ah yes, the breakfast burrito. I’m sure the Tooth Fairy is familiar with this one.

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Don’t we all, Annisa. Don’t we all.

This kid wrote not one, but two rude letters to the Tooth Fairy!

“Maybe even $1,000!” Hey, why not? Dream big, kid.

This child received a very heartfelt apology from the Tooth Fairy. Of course, her address is Middle Earth.

When the Tooth Fairy is disrespected, she can throw shade right back!

In fact, she needed two whole pages to express her disgust to this kid.

Just brilliant. You couldn’t ask for a fairer trade.

This little girl had a simple request…

She never expected to get this in return!

This kid has a point. Times have changed.

Too bad the Tooth Fairy already thought of an answer!

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Well played, well played. These responses are genius. Have you ever gotten sassy with your kids after they lost teeth?