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Her Dog Woke Her Up In The Middle Of The Night…And Saved Her Unborn Son’s Life

Lola the dog woke Jade Ambrose up in the middle of the night and prevented the possible miscarriage of her unborn son.

Dogs are widely known to have finely tuned instincts.

Dogs always seem to know when something is bothering you or when things are off. It’s almost as though they can sniff trouble coming from a mile away.

Now whether these four-legged miracle workers are angels in disguise or just have amazing luck when it comes to discovering trouble, this dog from Leeds is proving to be a superhero in training.

Jade Ambrose was just 33 weeks pregnant when she was woken up from a sound sleep by her Staffordshire bull terrier, Lola, who she believed was barking at a noise outside.

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Since she was already up, Ambrose decided to go to the bathroom, where she discovered her water had broken and she was losing blood as part of a miscarriage.

She was taken to a nearby hospital where doctors rushed to save the unborn chid. Doctors informed the soon-to-be mother that if she had gotten to the hospital any later, they may have been forced to deliver the baby right on the spot.

Ambrose was cleared to be discharged from the hospital and just eight weeks after the incident, she was able to delivery a healthy baby boy, Oliver.

Ambrose attributes her dog’s spot-on intuition to having first adopted the dog when she discovered she was pregnant. She believes Lola could tell there was another person growing inside of her and was incredibly nurturing and motherly throughout the entire pregnancy.

Since giving birth back in August, both Ambrose and baby Oliver are doing fine thanks to their doggy nurse.

The happy family can’t wait to see the relationship between Lola and Oliver grow, and Ambrose hopes to one day tell her son the heroic story of how Lola saved his life.

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I have a feeling that Lola will grow up to be Oliver’s guardian angel. Best wishes to this precious family!