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20 Absolutely Genius Life Hacks You’ve Never Heard Before

These twenty life hacks will make your daily tasks more manageable.

There are so many life hacks out there that can make our lives way easier.

At this point, I’ve seen so many lists of life hacks that I feel like I can hack my way out of any situation. I’ll see something new every once in a while, but for the most part, the lists don’t surprise me anymore.

But I knew there had to be some tips out there that I didn’t know, so I scoured Reddit and the rest of the internet to find these new genius life hacks. Check them out below!

1. Never drive off without your gas cap again.

2. This genius idea will save you a ton of time and keep you from drilling unnecessary holes.

3. Look at his little face! What a great way to keep track of stuff.

4. If you’re in a pinch, a pot of boiling water can double as an iron.

5. Hang your sweaters like this to distribute the weight more evenly, keeping them from getting stretched out in your closet.

6. Thin toilet paper at work? Rig the system in your favor to create makeshift two-ply.

7. Glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer so that you’ll never lose track of your nails again.

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8. Get stubborn pet hair out of your carpet with a squeegee — genius!

9. A paper towel holder makes the perfect display stand for all your bracelets and bangles.

10. If you want to paint polka dots, the side of a laundry basket makes an amazing stencil.

11. Don’t leave your spare key under your doormat — make it part of your landscape! Bury this pinecone pill bottle near your door.

12. After you’ve painted your walls, store extra paint for touch-ups in a baby food jar.

13. Now you’ll always be able to find your scissors.

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14. Beer koozies make the perfect storage solution for small electronics when you travel.

15. Who knew koozies were so useful? This guy says you can use one to ripen an avocado.

16. This rubber band trick will give you perfect watermelon slices every time.

17. This stubborn jar is no match for a duct tape handle.

18. Save money and be more sustainable with homemade ice packs.

19. Never lose your place on a roll of tape again.

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20. This is the wine hack we all deserve.

#Winning. Which of these will you use? Let us know in the comments below!