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This Guy Responds To Photoshop Requests In The Best Possible Way

James Fridman is a master at Photoshopping photos, and he takes people’s requests very seriously (and very literally).

Not all photos are created equal, but thankfully, with programs like Photoshop, even the most imperfect images can become flawless with just a few clicks.

Graphic artist James Fridman has gained quite the Twitter following by allowing everyday people to submit their images for Photoshop editing. This expert is more than happy to help out followers in need, but he does it on his own terms.

By following his customers’ directions to the letter, he serves up hilariously literal interpretations of seemingly simple requests. While the finished results may not be what they had in mind, I’m sure they make submitters smile.

There’s nothing scarier than your favorite childhood TV characters.

Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.

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Try singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” to that, folks.

You don’t fly a kite. The kite flies you.

Well that’s a little less awkward.

You never said anything about his clothes.

At least now he’s looking directly into your eyes.

Turning an awkward stranger into part of the family is always nice.

Ask and you shall receive.

That’s not a man, just a really, really big fire hydrant.

You didn’t say he couldn’t replace it.

This is just straight-up adorable.

What a nice guy.

I mean, this isn’t technically wrong.


Awake AND filled with existential dread.

She ran all up out of there.

Mission accomplished? I think so.

Her agent is going to love this.

The battle for best beach selfie wages on.

He gives the people what they want.

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For even more of Fridman’s Photoshop antics, you can check him out on Twitter.