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Raccoon Paws Or Tiny Demon Hands? You Decide

These feasting raccoons look like they have tiny demon hands and it’s the perfect video for Halloween.

Maybe I just have horror on the brain because Halloween is right around the corner, but this video looks like a scene from “The Walking Dead” or “The People Under The Stairs.”

Raccoons are shifty characters to begin with. They run around at night, steal your trash, and look like they are wearing tiny burglar masks. Shine a light on one and it will look at you like you just offended its ancestors. I make it a rule to keep a good distance from them, but they’ve never truly scared me…until I saw this video.

This is just wrong.

Note: Please do not feed raccoons, even when they look like tiny demons. They are wild animals and do not depend on humans for survival. Feeding them can result in the type of swarm you see above.

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Who knew that raccoon paws looked so much like human hands?! If I saw this on my front porch, I’d move immediately.