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17 Of The Creepiest Things People Have Discovered In Attics

Attics are already unsettling on their own without having these creepy items inside.

I’ve always found attics to be really creepy spaces.

Of course, it certainly doesn’t help that the one in my house is unfinished and completely infested with spiders. But while mine is home to freaky arachnids, these people definitely have it worse than me.

From creepy dolls to strange art projects, here are the most unnerving things that have been found inside attics.

1. Who knew a chair could be so unsettling?

2. Finding a full-sized clown mannequin is reason enough to move.

3. Somebody please tell me why these little creeps were ever a thing.

4. What an adorable doll! NOT.

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5. A proud new homeowner came across this the first time he set foot in his attic.

6. One woman found her brother’s terrifying old art project while cleaning.

7. This used to be the beloved doll of one woman when she was a child, but it would have given me nightmares as a kid.

8. I really hope that’s paint.

9. Just imagine that face watching you while you sleep.

10. That’s never a good sign.

11. Baby pictures are supposed to be cute, not disturbing.

12. Exactly what you’d want to find in an abandoned house’s attic.

13. Doll roadkill, anyone?

14. You know, she probably wouldn’t be so bad if not for those freaky eyes.

15. These are doll parts, but that doesn’t make them any less terrifying to look at.

16. I don’t want to know what a headstone is doing in there.

17. These are likely just teeth someone had pulled, but why would you leave them behind to freak out the next tenant?

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Well, if you weren’t already afraid of your attic, there’s a good chance that you are now. It’s okay. You can blame your nightmares on me later.