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Teen Creates An App That Gives The Public A Front-Row Seat To Political Corruption

This plugin allows users to pull up campaign finance information in real time just by hovering over politicians’ names.

It’s no secret that running a successful political campaign can cost candidates dearly.

Because not every politician is born into money, some men and women running for office have to get a bit more creative with their fundraising. Their methods of choice often lead to accusations of political corruption, and that makes sense, since significant funding from outside sources has a tendency to influence policy.

Thanks to one young coder, however, we can finally get up-close and personal with campaign funding while we browse.

This is 18-year-old Nick Rubin, the brains behind a new browser plugin called Greenhouse.

Using data collected by, Greenhouse funnels this information into infographics that show readers who’s funding everyone’s campaigns.

“The United States of America was founded to serve individuals, not big interests or big industries. Yet every year, we seem to move further and further away from our Founders’ vision,” Rubin states on the program’s site.

After completing the app’s free installation, any mention of major political candidates will be highlighted in pale green on any site you visit. Simply hovering your mouse over a politician’s name will bring up information about their campaign finances.

And its capabilities aren’t limited to news sites. Even if you’re on a page like Reddit, you’ll be able to pull up the same info.

Greenhouse is currently compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

To learn more about political financing, follow Greenhouse on Twitter. To download, visit the program’s website.

(via AltHealth Works)