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Her Face Was Ripped Off In An Accident. Now? Her Doctor Doesn’t Even Recognize Her!

This is the heartwarming reunion between a doctor and a patient more than a decade after a horrific injury left her needing face surgery.

Eleven years ago, Makenzie Wilgus was involved in a horrific car accident that tore half her face off, from throat to cheek, even ripping her tongue.

Nine years old at the time, Wilgus was rushed to the hospital where the attending physician, Doctor Ronald Morton, had the monumental task of giving the little girl her face back.

After four grueling hours of surgery, and more than 800 stitches, Wilgus had her face — and the opportunity for a normal life — back. Now, 11 years later, the young woman shows almost no signs of the accident…all thanks to Dr. Morton and the rest of her medical team that day.

Watch the heartwarming moment the former patient and her hero are reunited.


But it didn’t end there. Wilgus, eternally grateful to everyone who saved her, is committed to paying it forward.

For the longest time growing up, she’s wanted to become an EMT, choosing to major in nursing. She hopes to help people, just like Dr. Morton saved her. “I hope to be exactly like he is one day,” Wilgus said.