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Man Goes Swimming While Wearing A Monofin, Much To These Dolphins’ Joy

This is the stunning moment a pod of dolphins swarmed a man diving with a monofin.

A lot of people pay good money to swim with dolphins in closed-off areas. After all, it’s an experience that’s irresistible to anyone who’s laid their eyes on the beautiful, intelligent mammals. But getting to swim with wild dolphins is truly magical.

Especially when they think you’re one of them…

It’s an experience that Ted of Ted’s Holdover will certainly never forget. After he jumped into the sea with a piece of equipment called the DOL-Fin, a pod of dolphins excitedly swarmed around him.

I feel like the first dolphin called out to his buddies saying, “Hey, look at this clown!”

To be fair to those dolphins though, wouldn’t we all flip out too if a dolphin started walking around on land with prosthetic legs?