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15 Unique Recipes That Put A Delicious Twist On Popcorn (And You Can Make Them At Home)

Popcorn is great when it’s salty, but you have to try these sweet recipes — you definitely won’t regret it.

Popcorn is definitely one of my favorite snacks.

Its buttery, salted goodness is completely irresistible to me, and I never go to a movie without buying some movie theater popcorn to stuff my face with.

I like kettle corn, too, but I’ve always been a salty popcorn kind of girl — that is, until my mind opened up to all of the amazingly delectable ways you can make it sweet enough for dessert. When you check out all these mouth-watering popcorn recipes, your sweet tooth is going to flare up in a huge way.

1. This caramel marshmallow recipe is everything that is delicious and gooey in this world.

2. This Muddy Buddy popcorn needs to get in my belly right now!

3. Love sweet and salty treats? Then you have to check out this peanut butter pretzel recipe.

4. I LOVE cookies and cream, and I love it even more on popcorn.

5. You don’t even need a campfire to make this yummy S’mores recipe.

6. I can’t stop drooling thinking about this amazing churro popcorn.

7. This tasty cotton candy popcorn will bring you straight back to childhood.

8. I’m totally forcing my family to make me this cake batter popcorn for my birthday next month.

9. Can somebody please make this strawberry shortcake popcorn for me right now?

10. Make your fantasies come true with this colorful unicorn popcorn!

11. If your kids love “Frozen,” you have to make them this winter wonderland white chocolate popcorn. It’s inspired by the movie!

12. This animal cracker popcorn is so much fun!

13. Get ready for fall by making tasty pumpkin pie spice popcorn topped with white chocolate.

14. It’s never too early for Easter popcorn!

15. These Chunky Monkey popcorn bars look even better than the ice cream!

(via BuzzFeed)

Is anyone else really hungry after seeing all that deliciousness? I am, and I really want to make all of these — I’m gonna need a lot of popcorn.