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These Guys Have Really Trained Their Hunting Dogs…They Have Such Self-Control

Footage of 120 hunting dogs waiting patiently for their dinner is sure to blow you away. This is a far cry from normal dog training!

When it comes to training a new dog, most people know they’re in for a bit of a learning curve.

While training just one dog to sit, stay, and poop outside can be daunting, imagine trying to do the same for 120 dogs at the same time. It sounds impossible, right? As it turns out, it’s not a totally unattainable goal.

The guys in the video below somehow managed to turn rowdy hunting dogs into (almost) perfect ladies and gentlemen.

Someone needs to give them their own show on Animal Planet.


(via Reddit)

If they brought that kind of dog training to the U.S. from France, these guys would become millionaires overnight.