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These 21 DIY Fails Will Have You Reconsidering Your Next At-Home Project

Not everyone can be a DIY superstar. Just ask these people.

DIY isn’t rocket science, and yet I still fail miserably at any and all crafts.

I can’t cook. I can’t sew. Heck, I can barely color within the lines. To call myself anything close to a do-it-yourselfer would be blasphemous.

So to save you the torture of having to witness my own failed attempts at DIY projects, here are 21 DIY fails that make me feel just a little more confident in my own crafting abilities.

1. She single-handedly ruined cupcakes forever.

2. I’m not sure if these are edible or kid friendly!

3. She set out to create paint and whipped up some mud instead.

4. There’s a ray of hope somewhere at the other end of this rainbow cake.

5. We can’t have nice things.

6. This is a cheap alternative to installing a ceiling fan.

7. I’d be happy to receive either set of cupcakes for my next birthday.

8. If this is how he designs a birdhouse, I’d hate to see what he could do to a two-story home.

9. Expectation is always better than reality.


11. Hey…you tried.

12. I feel like there might be a body in there.

13. Oh no, Canada!

14. Good luck with that one.

15. That’s going to require some elbow grease.

16. That’s…creative.

17. I don’t think this was the desired result.

18. They found the key to success.

19. She used some creative license and made her lodge a motor home.

20. If you squint, they almost look identical. Almost.

21. Know the names of any good plumbers?

Hey, no one’s perfect. It’s fine. Keep trying, friends.