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When His Mother Peers Around The Corner, This Man Absolutely Loses It

When he walked in and saw who was standing there, he nearly lost it.

When we grow up, life unfortunately can sometimes get the best of us, making it almost impossible to return to our roots.

Perhaps our new job has moved us halfway across the country, or we’re too busy raising a family of our own. Regardless, as we start moving out on our own, we may have very little time left to ever return home.

This is exactly the case for Jeffrey, who has been away from his friends and family for well over 10 years. But this homecoming makes it almost all worth the wait.

When Jeffrey opens the door and is greeted by his brother, he can barely contain his excitement, but he has no idea that his mother is waiting just around the corner…

This mother-son reunion is one for the books…


I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like not seeing my mother over a stretch of 10 years. I can’t even go a day without calling her.