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What She Does With Old Shopping Carts Is Straight-Up Genius

A woman upcycles abandoned shopping carts to create trendy, functional patio chairs.

I can honestly say that I’ve never looked at a shopping cart and imagined using it for anything but its intended purpose.

But Instructables user JFabor doesn’t just see them as receptacles for stuff she doesn’t need. She came across a pile of abandoned shopping carts and developed the cutest plan to turn them into something useful. All it took was a little sawing and bending to go from shopping cart to upcycled patio chair. She even used the remaining scraps for an ottoman! Genius.

She starts with some abandoned carts. (To be clear, no one is suggesting that you steal carts from Target. Just saying.)

The first step is to get rid of the wheels. This happens by sawing through the places where the plastic attaches to the metal frame on the bottom of the cart.

Once the wheels are gone, it’s time to saw it in half diagonally and pull the pieces apart. You can see how the back of the cart already forms the chair.

Some sanding takes off the rough edges. Plastic can be really sharp.

We have a finished chair! I think it’s cute in red, but you could totally spray paint yours for a different look.

To make this ottoman, she just used the extra pieces.

Next up is the green chair. Step one: Remove the handlebar and wheels. Then cut down the sides of the back panel.

She cuts down the sides, then bends them over PVC pipe with strong clamps.

Our crafter does the same thing with the shortest side to create a soft slope on the seat.

It looks very comfortable. You almost can’t tell it used to be a shopping cart!

I bet these would be great for beach naps. (Especially the green one.) For full details, check this out!