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He Took All These Old Skateboards And Turned Them Into An Awesome Table

This guy cut up all of his and his friends’ old skateboards and built a pretty awesome table with them. Here’s how.

When you have a bunch of useless junk cluttering up your home, throwing it out or giving it away is usually the best option.

But why get rid of it when you can use it to make some really cool furniture? Redditor Scalamere did exactly that by using his and his friends’ old, unwanted skateboards to make a seriously awesome table. If that sounds like something you’d be into, check this out!

First, he gathered around 20 skateboards and cut them into two-inch strips.

Placing differently colored strips together made for a cool appearance.

After the boards were trimmed to size and stacked, it was time to start gluing them together.

He created two large blocks that would serve as each half of the table.

Heavy bags kept the joined halves flat until the glue dried.

Then he cut the rough edges and sanded everything down.

He framed it nicely by nailing wood around the perimeter.

All that was left was to fill the gaps and stain it for a beautiful finish.

When he added the legs, this stunning coffee table really came to life!

Who knew skateboards could be used for something so cool?

Too bad he didn’t attach wheels, though. He and his friends could have done this. For full details, check out the original post.