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The Odd Places Where These People Put Gardens Will Absolutely Amaze You

Explore jaw-dropping gardens in unusual places from all around the world.

Human beings are capable of incredible things.

We can construct epic buildings where there was nothing but dirt, and we can plant jaw-dropping gardens where there wasn’t any dirt to begin with. The people behind these gardens have proven that the sky is the limit, literally, when it comes to getting your green thumb on. The gardens they’ve created are jaw-dropping examples of some seriously next-level talent. Once you see them, you’ll have a lot of questions. How did they get that dirt up there? Do animals live in those gardens? Can I come over?

Check them out and revel in the wonder of nature in the unlikeliest places.

Japan’s International Hall

Rooftop Crop Circles

Fukuoka Prefectural International Hall

Grenada Port Garden

Garden in the Balkans

Canal City Hakata Terrace Gardens

Fenchurch Street Sky Garden

Toronto’s Mountain Equipment Co-op

Hotel Therme Rogner, Austria

Rooftop Garden in China

Garage Garden, British Columbia

Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University

Goat Grazing Room in Door County, Wisconsin

How did they even do that? It’s pretty amazing what you can accomplish with a little creativity.