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This Turkish Protester Survived Not One, But Two Fights With A Military Tank

Sabri Unal, a Turkish protester, threw himself in front of two military tanks during a failed military coup.

Military factions in Turkey recently attempted to overthrow the government in a failed coup.

Uniformed soldiers took to their tanks in the streets of Ankara and Istanbul to try to bring about an uprising. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the people of Turkey and urged them to protest against these forces.

One protester was caught on camera overcoming the odds in a death-defying moment of patriotism. The protester, identified as Sabri Unal, came face to face with a military tank, and he was armed with just a few stones. The tank rolled over Unal, who quickly returned to his feet to face yet another military vehicle. Unal’s second row with a tank left him with more serious injuries.

There is no doubt that Sabri Unal takes great pride in his home.

Luckily for this man, he lived to tell the tale. He survived with just a broken arm and some serious bruising.

Over 8,500 employees of the Turkish Interior Ministry have been removed from duty, and President Erdogan has yet to rule out the death penalty for those who instigated the failed coup.