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They Were Just Responding To A Fire When This Cutie Came Up To Say Hello

She doesn’t really like hanging out with other elks, but firefighters? She adores them.

Buttons the elk may be the friendliest woodland creature in the world, and based on these photos, she’s also the funniest.

Living off U.S. Highway 10 near Cle Elum, Idaho, Buttons is a bit of a loner — not from people, humans, goats, or other animals, but from her own kind. For some reason, she just has no interest in chewing the fat with other critters of her own species. Instead, she enjoys watching her cow and horse friends at a nearby farm. She also adores the humans that frequent the area.

Firefighters from the Kittitas County Fire District can’t get enough of Buttons, and the feeling is mutual!

When she saw the fire crew, she immediately started investigating.

And of course, she had to give every one of them a little kiss.

Clearly, the crew had no problem accepting her affections.

“Hey, friends!”

This little lady isn’t afraid of anyone.

And she tries her best to get even the least interested people around to be her buddies.

Until next time, Buttons!

(via Rare)

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