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He Created Fake Animal Facts And Put Them Up At The LA Zoo. I Can’t Stop Laughing!

He created his own unbelievable zoo facts and placed them at the exhibits.

Reddit user obviousplant thought the visitors to the Los Angeles Zoo could use a laugh or two, so he created his own hilarious interpretations of zoo facts and posted them around the exhibits.

I can only imagine how many oblivious zoo-goers read the facts without even thinking twice.

That explains why George Washington was so tall.

I knew a bear once…he was truly unbearable.

“I see dead people.”

In the divorce, Philip’s wife only left him with a leg to stand on!

I was more surprised to learn that owls owned TVs.

I should have studied gibbon-ese in high school.

Somebody get the ducklings a trombone, stat!

These penguins may be part of the one percent, but they’re 100 percent adorable!

This explains all those times I thought my phone was vibrating in my pocket.

I think this guy is well koala-fied to start writing animal facts for all the zoos!