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This Family Saw Something Swimming In The Algae…What Happened Next Is Touching

Parts of Florida are currently dealing from a toxic blue-green algae bloom. This family saw a manatee struggling in the water and decided to help.

In case you weren’t aware, parts of Florida are currently dealing with a large-scale, horribly disgusting blue-green algae problem. Since we wrote about it last week, things have only gotten worse, and not just for humans living nearby. Marine life is also suffering.

In the below video, a poor manatee is trying its darnedest to navigate the algae-choked canal waters of Stuart, Florida. Luckily for this manatee, Chris Mascia Palas spotted the creature and decided to help it out with some fresh water from a hose.

That poor manatee…


Even though this manatee was saved, I’m terrified to think of all the other creatures who weren’t so lucky to happen across a helpful human while struggling through the algae…